Wheelchair Lending Docking Stations 

User manual


** שימו לב, החזרת הכסא תתבצע דרך המסך.

כל עוד לא יושלם תהליך ההחזרה במערכת –

יימשך החיוב באשראי  עד לסכום של 1,500 ₪.


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** Pay attantion -  At the end of the use in the chair, return it to the station, and follow the instructions on the screen. As long as the return process in the system is not completed - The credit charge will continue up to the amount of 1,500NIS.

1. Click the "Rent" button on the screen.

2. Read and confirm the terms of use.

3. Insert the credit card (with the magnetic stripe facing down) And took it out immediately.

4. Enter your cell phone number.

5. Pull the chair out of the position. (The station number will appear on the screen and on the right side of the chair).

6. Open the chair as follows:

     A. Press the seat down on both sides, until it is fully open.

    B. Push the footrests down.



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